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dark starter sentences 

  •  some yandere, some angst, some rivalry, but no happy stuff on this list
  •  "You actually thought i cared about you?"
  •  "I wonder how loudly i can make you scream in agony?"
  •  "You're a monster!"
  •  "It would be a shame if i had to damage that pretty face of yours."
  •  "You're all mine now."
  •  "How could you do this to me!?"
  •  "I trusted you!"
  •  "Is that supposed to scare me?"
  •  "Put the knife down."
  •  "You're scaring me..."
  •  "You look so sexy when you're all bloodied and bruised like that~"
  •  "I wonder how many volts it would take to kill you?"
  •  "Why are you pointing that gun at me?"
  •  "Let me go!"
  •  "You're so cute when you struggle like that~"
  •  "Your blood smells wonderful."
  •  "Who did this to you?"
  •  "You're in my way."
  •  "I thought you were dead!"
  •  "Help me!"
  •  "Long live the king."
  •  "What did they do to you?"
  •  "What have you done?"
  •  "Maybe i should carve a pretty picture in your flesh?"
  •  "Don't worry, I won't do anything fatal, I just need some information."
  •  "I don't care what you do to me, I'll never tell you!"
  •  "Stop it, your hurting me!"
  •  "They'll kill you!"
  •  "I hate you."
  •  "The only reason I chained you up is to show you how much I love you!"
  •  "If you keep struggling like that I'll have to punish you~"
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Loki Week: Day One - Costumes

Loki’s Prison Clothes;

"While Loki is in captivity, he wears something very similar to his ‘walkabout’/casual look from the first Thor film. The original direction from Alan Taylor was that his prison look could be what he was wearing underneath his Avengers costume. Unfortunately, as I began exploring that, we found it to be too complex and cumbersome. So I used that idea as a starting point and simplified it, creating sleek and elegant lines that mirrored the idea that everything had been stripped away from Loki. He is barefoot and completely powerless. I also kept some of the motifs we used in the previous films, including the interlocking wraps of leather and cloth that can be seen on his arms and legs.” -Charlie Wen, concept artist

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how to get your muse back || a small guide 

STEP ONE: Figure out why your muse isn’t cooperating with you.

Perhaps it’s because you’re not in the right mood, or because you have writer’s block in general, because suddenly the muse for another character comes up and replaces that one, if it’s temporarily or for a while. Whatever the reason may be, figure out the root of your problem and solve it. If you find it? Great. If not? Keep trying. You’re bound to get something.

STEP TWO: Look at all the different things your muse enjoys and immerse yourself in them.

You’ve chosen your muse for a reason! If you go through their interactions, their interests, their thoughts, their entire CHARACTER, I believe that you’ll reconnect with them again. Observe how they act around other characters, why they act a certain way, create headcanons for stuff you think would be reasonable for them. It should help make the muse interesting and fun once more.

STEP THREE: Find music which fits the character, look up art or fanfiction ( if your muse is the Canon sort ) and it could spark a muse.

You may have lost the feel of your character because you think you don’t play them well, or because they’re just so far from your own personality that you can’t grasp them well. If so, listen to music that suits their general mood and search for other characters who are similar to them. You’ll almost certainly have a deeper understanding of who that character is and how they would react in certain situations. Again, if your muse is a Canon Character, research about them and their world, how they’ve grown and changed throughout their lives. Add in your own headcanons to give depth, and most importantly…

STEP FOUR: Practice, practice, practice.

If you continue writing for them, you’re sure to get better. And when you do, it will be so much easier for the muse to cooperate with you because you’ve practiced their character! So keep with the muse(s) you’ve chosen to portray, and hopefully they’ll stick with you.
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Realizing that tomorrow is Monday 



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The Avengers Stills - Part 44

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Especially when you are

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